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5 ‘Meat’ Dishes That Are Actually Vegan

Being a vegan doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy dishes that are traditionally made with meat! There are plenty of delicious and healthy meat substitutes that taste just as good (if not better than the real thing!) Here are 5

The Best Herbs and Spices to Improve Your Health

It’s no secret that herbs and spices hold the key to a plethora of health benefits. Many naturopathic doctors use a wide variety of herbs for their medicinal and healing properties. Here are some of the best ones to aid

10 Inspiring Quotes to Uplift You


  1. “I am not what I have done, I am what I have overcome.”


  1. “It’s not who you think you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”

  1. “Do something today that your future self will

The Amazing Benefits of Meditation on your Brain

The positive effects of mediation on the mind, body and soul have long been a central part of many Buddhist’s lives. What you may not know is that there are many incredible benefits to your actual brain!


How does

4 Calming Mountain Sunsets

As is, mountains possess a calm and majestic beauty, simply based on their sheer mass and peaceful appearance. When the sun sets on the peaks of a mountain range it creates a breathtaking image that can be incredibly calming. Here

How Yoga Can Help Anxiety

Sweaty palms, churning stomach, racing heart… does it all seem too familiar? Anxiety can have many negative effects on one’s day-to-day life, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Many people have found that practicing simple yoga poses can

7 Unlikely Animal Friends

We all know that Mother Nature can work in mysterious ways, but is there anything cuter than unlikely animal friends? We’re not sure! To test the theory, we’ve provided you with 7 of the cutest and more unlikely of animal

The Bracelets of the Midnight Series

Have you taken a glance at one of our most popular series, Midnight? It boasts beautiful, wellness promoting bracelets. Created with an interlocking mesh, the Midnight Bracelets are stainless steel bands containing an IP black powder coating that’s baked

Your 2015 Guide to Unplugging


Often times we’re so plugged into what’s going on with our Smartphone, tablet, laptop (or all of the above) that we miss out on what’s going on in our actual lives. Make 2015 a year where you don’t care