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1 Your natural energy flows via channels called meridians. Within the 14 meridian channels, there are approximately 360 acupuncture points that act as pathways for your natural energy. Q Ray bracelets are wellness bracelets designed to optimize your natural positive energy.
2 Many people have reported to us that the Q Ray bracelet has changed their lives in various ways. Q Ray bracelets are no risk to the wearer. They are a great option for alternative wellness; there is no downside to trying a Q Ray bracelet.
3 Q Ray bracelets offer style, function and fashion. Jewellery with benefits, looking great and feeling good!
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As a professional I am constantly behind on sleep. My Q-Ray for some strange reason makes me more mentally alert throughout the day as well as giving me more restful sleep. -- Geoff Bourdon (Designer & Goldsmith)

Cody Moynihan
Q-Ray Bracelet does actually work. I have noticed a huge difference since I had it on. And I do not take it off at all. More energy. It's crazy how much better I feel. -- Cody Moynihan

Bob Russell
After wearing my Q-Ray, I feel good and much more energetic than I have in the past. General get up in the morning and a little more sparkier. I put it down to Q-Ray. -- Bob Russell

Valerie Russell
It did not happen over night I have to admit, it was just subtle changes, but after a month, wow, it felt really good. I wear it everyday and will not take it off. -- Valerie Russell

Brian James
It's not a cure all. But you do feel better, and in my case, it has made a big difference for me. If you compare how I feel now to how I felt before I put the Q-Ray on, it's night and day. -- Brian James