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What is the QRay exchange & refund policy?

For orders, please return your bracelet along with your QRay Order ID, your name, address, email, and phone number. Indicate whether you would like to exchange your QRay for a different size or if you would like to return …

How does a Q-Ray Bracelet work?

QRay is about empowerment and choice. Many people who choose QRay tell us they are also making a conscious effort to improve their lives through better nutrition, more exercise and more activity. QRay works for them!…

How do I know which bracelet is for me?

All the QRay bracelets are made of metal. Some are Hypo Allergenic and some are solid precious metal (Sterling Silver). If you are a person who notices a benefit from wearing a QRay bracelet, any of the QRay styles will …

How can I find the right size for me?

Size charts are shown below.

X-Small Under 6 Inches
Small 6-7 Inches
Medium 7, 7.5 Inches
Large Above 7.5 Inches

It’s important to get the correct size so the product will provide adequate benefits. While the bracelets are designed to …