QRay Wellness Bracelets: Three Options

Option 1: 40% off on a QRay Bracelet in Lite Steel
Option 2: 43% off on a QRay Bracelet in Lite Gunmetal.
Option 3: 45% off on a QRay Bracelet in Lite Gold

  • Optimize your natural positive energy
  • Clean, modern styling
  • Choose from 3 colors

QRay Lite Steel
Reg. $49.95
Special $30.00
QRay Lite Gunmetal
Reg. $69.95
Special $40.00
QRay Lite Gold
Reg. $89.95
Special $50.00

Offer Details
  • Expires December 31, 2012
  • Limit 3 vouchers per person, limit 1 per order
  • Not valid with other offers
  • Includes shipping across United States
  • No additional charges. No cash value. No cash back
  • Limited quantities available
Stylish accessories that also serve practical purposes are the pinnacle of smart fashion, which is why fanny packs really should make a comeback. Add useful dashes to your daily wardrobe with today WOOT from QRay Wellness bracelets. Choose from the three following options:
  • $30 for a QRay bracelet in Lite Steel
  • $40 for a QRay bracelet in Lite Gunmetal
  • $50 for a QRay bracelet in Lite Gold
The QRay is a unique bracelet that offers the potential for improved well-being in any of its wearers. Many satisfied owners around the world praise the metallic wristwear for helping them with various chronic issues of discomfort. The bracelet's active properties are based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which requires the human body's positive and negative energy to be balanced for the optimal state of chi. Its C-shape is designed to be worn over meridian channels in the wrist to help draw out either energy's excess, providing gradual relief. The QRay is offered in a variety of styles, with the Lite Series featuring a sleek, modern design that can be worn by men and women and comes in four sizes.